Probably the most common question we hear is "Why are English Bulldogs so expensive?"

    The modern English Bulldog is a man made dog. That is, for close to a century breeders have jaw
    more pronounced, the head is larger, the body more squat and rounded and other changed

    The modern English Bulldog no longer breeds on its own. They are artificially inseminated.

    Birth is performend by a C section surgery instead of natural birth. See video below.
                                        Warning - Video May Be Too Graphic For Some
The puppies are not left with the mother as with other breeds. Instead, they are kept separated from
the mother except for feeding. Every 3 to 4 hours, the puppies are brought to the mother for feeding.
Once full, they are then removed to their holding area.

Because of the C section procedure, it usually takes a week or so for the mother to develop the
sufficient amount of milk. So for the first week to second week, the feeding is supplemented by
inserting a feeding tube into the puppies stomach and injecting goats milk.
At 3 to 4 weeks, the puppies are introduced to a gruel supplement along with their nursing. Around this
same time, they are taken to the vet for a full health checkup.
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