English Bulldog Puppies For Sale
    Sandy's Luvabulls
Continuing the blood lines of Boo's Bulldog Farm

    We specialize in English Bulldogs which are Lovable, Loving        
    and looking for someone to Love them

    Sandy takes great care in choosing the breeding partners for her girls      
    (dams). Making sure that they come from good lines and that there is no  
    lineage connection between the studs and her dams.

    Over the years that Sandy has been raising bulldogs she has had
    experience with other breeders and has seen their various methods of
    raising their bulldogs.

    From the time of their birth to the day they leave for their new home, our   
    bullies are raised in a home setting. When they come home from the vet    
    after their birth, they are welcomed into the house by Sandy, the other
    dams in the house and Baby the cat.

    These puppies never see any kind of kennel environment. When they go
    to their new homes, they are used to living inside the house and
    interacting with the family. This removes any need for them to adjust to
    wildly different environments. It also makes house training much easier.

    For veterinary services we use Wilson's Veterinarian Hospital. There is a   
    branch in Romeo, Michigan, (586 752 6217) and another branch in Sterling
    Heights, Michigan (586 939 4020). Dr. Wilson specializes in bulldogs and
    has been instrumental in several new surgery procedures specifically
    related to the English bulldog breed.

    When our puppies are ready to go to their new homes they are up to date
    on   their shots, treated for worms and taken to the vet for an overall
    health check.
    Zilla, a puppy
    from a 2008 litter
Dam Jezzi and
Dam Ethel
Sandy and Goodie winning a
Sweepstakes Ribbon in 2010

    Welcome to Sandy's Luvabulls.

    If you are looking at our web site,
    your are probably looking for a
    puppy or looking for information   
    about the English Bulldog breed.

    If we presently have puppies for    
    sale, they will be listed on the       
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    Visit the various pages of our site
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    information about the English
    Bulldog breed.

    All of our puppies are bred from   
    show quality lines. Sandy, our      
    founder and breeder, has been
    Star, a puppy from
      a 2011 litter
    Goody with some of
    her puppies and some
    of Rosie's puppies

    Christi M.

    I purchased my First Bulldog from Sandy in 2009 a beautiful red and white boy with a blue eye. What a
    wonderful addition to my family this male has been smart, loving and a total bed hog. I love him so
    much that I have since added 3 more to my family. 2 of those again coming from Sandy. Last year I
    decided to breed my bulldogs and Sandy was holding my hand all the way. Sandy has a vast
    knowledge of the breed, she explained so much to me from the best way to impregnate my bulldog to
    signs of labor or trouble. When my babies were finally born Sandy helped me through the first 6
    weeks and if it wasn't for her knowledge I would have lost a puppy that wouldn't nurse normally. Let
    me tell you breeding is a not a chore for the weak of heart. Sleepless nights of nursing puppies is far
    worse than a colicky baby. Sandy answered my calls late at night and early mornings.  I am now the
    proud owner of 6 bulldogs (and YES they run my house). If you are looking for a RESPONSIBLE
    breeder, someone who doesn't just sell you a puppy and send you on your way, one that cares
    immensely for the care of her dogs and the pups she breeds look no further then Sandy Allen.
    Hi my name is Carol L. I have one if Sandy's bulldogs. Her name is Zilla and she is the best. Zilla is
    from a great breeder Sandy and would I recommend her as a breeder. We wouldn't know what to do
    without our new addition to our family!!! Thank you.
    Becky W.

    Our family purchased our beautiful English Bulldog Mack in February from Sandy Allen. She was
    so helpful on information we needed to know and the deposit and the price of Mack himself. She
    was very welcoming to us when we came and very friendly to us and our children. There was no
    rush we were able to spend time with the puppys to see which one was meant to be ours. We have
    also kept in contact and she gets to see pictures of him all the time. We felt that not only did we
    gain a new family member with our Mack but we gained a great friend also. Rick and Becky ..
Riley back in September of 2011 and still stay in touch to this day with the breeder. She is a lady with a
warm, loving heart who cares about how her bulldogs are raised. She goes the extra mile to see how
her bulldogs are doing once they have a new owner which we think is pretty impressive! and trains
them well. When we picked Riley up, she was already responding to simple commands and was potty
trained.  She was so full of life and adapted well to a new home.  The puppies are raised with so much
passion and love that they all come out with a loving, friendly personality of their own! We would
recommend anyone who is looking to add a bulldog to their family to contact Sandy at Sandy's
Luvabulls in Flint, MI. She is an easy going, wonderful lady to work with. You will also be impressed with
the quality of dog you are getting. Yes, bulldogs are expensive, but the bulldogs raised at Sandy's
Luvabulls are well worth the money! You get what you pay for! We couldn’t be any happier!!!!!
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